Besigye links terror acts to oppression

Former FDC president says most terrorists are the weak who are being oppressed by the strong powers

Kampala- Former Forum for Democratic Change president Kizza Besigye has said the modern-day interpretation of terrorism is selfish, misleading and is only aimed at frustrating the pursuit of justice.

“What is regarded as terrorism today is, in fact, a situation in which someone who is too weak is suffering oppression and is desperately seeking justice against an excessively strong oppressor,” Dr Besigye said.

He was speaking during the closing session of the annual Ramadan seminars organised by the Uganda Muslim Youth Association (UMYA) at Kibuli Teachers Training College on Sunday.

Dr Besigye told the gathering that it is wrong to link terrorism to Islam saying it is not only a selfish but also a misleading perception.
“Show me anywhere in the world, where there is terrorism and the so-called terrorist is not a victim of oppression and injustice?” he asked.

Dr Besigye added that what is happening in the Middle East is a true reflection of a situation where ones’ desperate pursuit of justice makes him branded a terrorist.

He wondered why in Gaza, it is Israel that uses superior weaponry to kill scores of Palestinians but instead it is the latter, who use stones in response, that have been branded terrorists by the Western powers.

Dr Besigye also reiterated his message which was centered on the need to change the people’s mindset in finding change.

“Overthrowing the current regime is just part of the bigger campaign. What is paramount is an overhaul of the people’s mindset – showing them their role in determining how they wish to be governed,” he said attracting a thunderous applause.

“No matter how many constitutional reviews we make, we cannot get a quantitative change when our power is held by manipulators. Power belongs to the people.”


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